Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Abide with Me...

To remain..CONTINUE...Stay. These words do have so many more meanings than when I first wrote them on here. I am thinking that we will for sure Remain in Kentucky!! and I really do want to Continue with my blog. I know I am so clever. I think that I would be a die haard blogger if it wasn't for the crazy good writers out there...AKA..http://larainydays.blogspot.com/,...http://www.stealthebubbles.blogspot.com/, I mean it for sure, stop reading my blog right now and go read theirs. I know that my kids will someday enjoy reading their family blog right? Hmm. They (the above famous blogs) are what blogging is all about. I really should just call this here blog....(HERE's THE Hatfields in one million pics REadY?? )

Well I have found the state that is so underrated!! For reals. How can just living somewhere where you are poor, without any family or friends make you soo Happy? I know it's a mystery to me too! My little sis says THE grass may be greener on the other side, but it may also be growing on a septic tank!. and so far I really think that it doesn't matter if it is a septic tank or not, green is sooo beautiful! The lightning bugs are magical. Some call them fireflies. I think they should be called twinkle lights. Like cheap outdoor christmas lights.

I have been running here. I would rather do anything else than run, but I absolutely love it here, Just because it's beautiful. I don't even feel like i am going to die like I do when I am in Arizona. The choking, hacking, not able to breathe, just doesn't happen here, and it's for sure not because I have any endurance at all. Weird.

People here are Nice. Period. No agenda in being nice. It makes me realize I really am not that nice at all. I am going to really try to be though. The thoughts were always there, but for some reason I never did what my instincts really wanted me to. People go out of their way to be nice and it is soo refreshing.
Our ward is small, reminds me of the ward that I grew up in, alot. The girls both have seven or eight in their classes. Those are combined, but so what. They love their primary. There is an elevator in their building, which they think is the coolest thing ever. It is in a really cool old building. AS my cute niece would say the gospel is true!, even in Kentucky. I giggled during sacrament this week. The accent was thick and adorable. I heard a black man bear his testimony for the first time, he was from the stake presidency, and his words just made me cry.

The butterflies are huge, they love my two trees in my back yard that have the prettiest flowers on them. And we have a garden for the first time. Squash, cucumber, okra, eggplant, tomatoes, green peppers. I thought if we grew it, the kids would eat it. Well not quite.
We see lots of deer, rabbits, groundhogs, and squirrels. I got doorbell ditched three times yesterday by a squirrel. Oh, and lots of road killl.
I cannot believe the horse ranches....they are absolutely heavan. Mark and I just cannot believe it. You just can't soak it in enough.

We are doing so good, and we are really happy!! We love our friends and family, but have stumbled upon what we think is heavan!