Friday, June 20, 2008

Well for starters, I don't know how to change my profile, from my Blossom blog to Hatfield. I didn't post anything for Father's Day, and I really started to feel bad. For sure there is alot to be said about the father of my girls!! If anyone knows Mark,will know that he is way patient, and I found out today that he currently thinks I have a short fuse. My girls will never have to wonder about how much their dad loves them...I think they know I love them, but sometimes I wonder if they know that I like them too. Mark... Your the one that makes me happy, the girls happy, and pretty anyone that you meet. Thanks for giving us so much of your time and helping me with all of my crazy ideas. I am so lucky, and the girls are going to always look up to you for treating me the way you do. I'll try not to wait until next Father's Day to let you know that I think you are so good at being their dad!! Love ya.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bryant Reunion 2008

Our first trip to Bakersfield Ca. was so much fun. Aunt Sally's family was in charge of the Bryant Reunion this year! The girls had so much fun playing with cousins and playing on the rope swing! It took us a half-hour just to get to the top of the mountain to Saddle Ranch. This place was amazing! The trees went forever!! The cabin was such a cute place. I hope that I can have a place like this in the mountains sometime. We stopped to remember our Uncle Danny. He passed away about a year ago. I was telling my girls my memories of him.. he was so funny and he would spend so much time teasing us. I remember that one time had been pulling on his beard all day and finally he really hung me from a hook in the ceiling like he told me he would. His family is so amazing and it was so good to get the family together and talk about the neat things that he used to do and say. We were crying and laughing the next minute. There is truly no place like it there.

Tim, Aunt Leann, me

Sally and Klaira

Mary and Hillary

Bailey, Sydney, Lily, and Klaira

Grandpa, Grandma, David, and Uncle Dick

Isn't this the cutest cabin ever!!

Buffy and Isabella

Brittney x 2, Aunt Sally, and me

Monday, June 9, 2008

Class of 2008

Lily graduated from Mrs. Duncan's Gospel Sprouts, Yay for Lily.....She almost looks like she was crying, but I'm pretty sure that she is just tired. What a cutie pie...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The girls had their dance recital and it was sooo good... Klaira did a hip hop and jazz routine, and Lily did ballet and tap....kind of. Lily is usually so outgoing and is ready to do her cheer anytime, but at the recital, she ran off the stage in both of her performances. It was so funny and so not like her. I went in the back after she had ran off the stage the first time and she said that "Her legs were too tired." I had to talk her into going out for her tap routine and told her that if she did then I would buy her a Barbie. So on the way to the car Lily asked me If she would still get her Barbie or not....

First Hatfield Family Reunion 2008

We are off to see cousins and uncles and aunts that we have never even met before!! Our drive up was soo beautiful! When we left Mesa it was probably only 40 something degrees and by the way the date is May 23rd. It was so much fun to find out so much about Mark's family... they are not so bad afterall. St. George was so beautiful, it was the first time that I had been there. Mark's sis lives there in a castle. We did a lot of playing games, eating and getting to know eachother... Mark's aunt brought old papers with her to go through, and our cousin Radene was reading this letter and found out this huge missing link in the Hatfield Family line. This woman Rhoda, wrote this and explained everything. She was baptized in 1832, and wrote that she worked with Joseph Smith. So we are thinking that she was one of the first ones baptized in the family. The letter she wrote was just like it had been written to us...which is why I decided to blog. Unbelievable is all that I can say about the whole thing. Now we know that all of the Hatfields in Springville are related to us. We loved spending time with our family and getting to some church history sites, like Brigham Young's home and Jacob Hamblin's. We need to go back and spend more time going to Zion's Canyon. So maybe Next summer!!

Vintage Junque Fair 2008

Farm Chicks...

  • Junque'n in Mesa
    These are my friends, Brooke, and Debbie and this is all of our Junque!! So we really didn't sleep again getting ready for this shindig, but it was so much fun... Our favorite thing to do is this!! This is a pic of the couch that I recovered to sale, I am so excited how it turned out.

Here Goes Nothing

I am seriously wondering what I got myself into, but I really want to blog, so Here Goes Nothing. I can't even believe that this whole new world existed and I had no idea that there could be something out there to Take up so much of your Time, and not to mention, Free!! Things are pretty busy around our house lately, and so I thought that this would at least help me to stop and figure a few things out. #1-How there were so many chicks that are pro photographers?, #2- How everyone's dinner or dessert looks way more yummy than mine? and #3 Is everyone's life always that fun?