Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amazing Little Town

No more Uniforms...only Sassy Outfits!

So after Klaira's school teacher (the one that was a guy that talks like a girl), got fired, we still gave their school a shot fo two more weeks. But when klaira cam home again and again complaining about not learning, I knew something was definately going to have to change. So we went and changed schools. Pheww. They are now in a Montessorie school and loving it! And although it was nice to have them wear uniforms, I love seeing their sassy outfits too. Oh, and good thing they had us test Lily to see if she could see. If not we would still be telling her to watch where she's going. Uggh. Yeah totally never thought that she might not be able to see!

And Then I Turned 32!! Yikes!

I just found out Kobe Bryant is 32 and he has played more games than any other NBA player has at his age. (Lately I love watching basketball with Mark) Well I can say that my family really is my hugest accomplishment at this age!! We are loving hanging out with eachother and I know my girls love having me not work.

The Party for a 10 year old!

Requests were...owls, rice krispie cake, a tent and some games!! I cannot believe you are ten Klaira, you seem twenty. You are way cooler than your mom and I love you tons.

We Have an August birthday in our family!!

So Klaira's birthday started off with this yummy breakfast from Lynn's Cafe. For sure yumy and such a cool place! Klaira came home and loved that so many at school knew it was her birthday...and then we went shopping with some dough she got for her birthday which she says she prefers now. I think she's way to young to just give money to. Don't ya think.

After July Comes October!!

So here goes some much needed updating. I feel like I facebook and I have told the world, and then I don't feel like updating Thee Blog, but For reals I want to have this printed someday.

Here is photos from the August Folder, We love to go exploring, and love to look at homes. I can't wait til my Arizona people come to see! They are not going to believe it. I love this front porch!! I should of stayed out of it, but I absolutely think it's gorgeous.