Monday, December 27, 2010

Our First Kentucky Christmas!!

Christmas Eve...

Went to the West's, I'm sad that I didn't take my camera. Their home is gorgeous, built in 1920, huge, on acreage. Lots of different family and friends came that night, probably about sixty. We had appetizers, sang Christmas carols, acted out the Nativity. I told my friend, that this was the kind of thing that you only saw in the movies. I'm sad that I didn't get pictures, because then you would of understood. We dressed up, and really spent time thinking about our Savior. I loved it. As we were driving home it was snowing, the real quiet snow. Christmas morning, my girls didn't wake up until 9. It really was the best Christmas ever! We stayed home ALL Day. Lily got a violin, and Mark sat there and worked with her for probably two hours. She is sooo excited about it. My mom got made the girls gorgeous American girl outfits. Klaira made me the sweetest pincushion. She made Lily an awesome glasses case, and Klaira made Mark a Guitar pik holder. We didn't have alot of extra money to have the girls shop, so they took up embroidery. They had a blast making things for everyone. I really got homesick this week. This was the first time too, but I talked to my mom, and she really made me feel better. I am so thankful that she has been in my same shoes, because she really is right. Why would we ever extend ourselves to others if we just always hung out with our family? I really am so thankful to have this opportunity. You really learn to appreciate EVERYONE. Every single person.


Wow, it really has been a whirlwind. A fun whirlwind. I cannot believe how time has flown. I absolutely loved fall here. I really forgot how magical the seasons are.I would be driving around just wanting to tell people that they needed to be looking at the trees. I think they take advantage of them here. Fall was warm here too. Not the kind I'm used to in Pinedale, the blow your skirt completely up kind of wind. The nights absolutely gorgeous.

I really was thankful, I didn't post about it but I really am thankful. We had Thanksgiving with some friends from our ward. Klaira and I spent the day cooking, just like my mom used to. We made homemade noodles, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. It took us all day for some reason. Dinner was yummy, super yummy! After we sat around and made gingerbread houses. We weren't in a hurry, it was really lots of fun.
I missed my family, and my friends lots. Next morning, Black Friday, I slept in. Very unusual since the last few years I was either having my own sale, or helping my mom and Amy with theirs. The next day we went to see Secratariat. That was such a good movie. Worth waiting for. Since the movie closest to us is the dollar movie, we really are on their schedule. It's the cheaper way. Then I was off to Virginia to do hair, then the following week to Arizona. Oh yeah, that's why time flew.