Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

Our view of the lake. Absolutely gorgeous.

Out the shower window. Mark thought there was no reason to close the blinds.

Serious slice of heaven.

We cleaned up our beach and threw rocks. The kids had a ball.

These girls love baby Shiloh!

What a breathtaking view.

I was a serious happy girl. I love no agenda vacations. Serious family and friend time. The Wrights are the best friends to us!

Debbie and I.

Chillin on the boat. We learned to surf behind the boat! It was awesome! We didn't get any pics though.

We do like each other< not quite sure why we look like we don't.

Sand and some water, and the kids were content all day long.

Our view up deck, where we stayed, was so fun.

We barely got pics of the girls because they were in the water constantly. THey cried to come home.

Mark went for real fishing for the first time, and loved it, and caught a fish. THe Wrights are pro at pretty much everything including fishing. I love this pic of him.

I am saying we really have to do this again, and Mark is taking random pics.

Our ac went out on the drive home from Powell, and so we tried to kill some time in Flag. Their downtown is beautiful. Hippies and all!

The end. Oh, wait, there is another cool background for a picture!

Lily fit right in with her hippie dress.

I love these girls so much. They really do make me feel like I am in a painting sometimes!

I thought that I fell in love when I saw this alley. I love the old brick.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Second Annual Girls Trip...Prescott AZ.

There is something about friends, and there is something about friends that go wayyy back. I absolutely love being with these girls. Laughter really is an instant vacation, and we really had alot of laughs this trip. It goes Darby, Diane, me Jen, and Heather. Darby is going to have a darling baby Reese Monroe Conroy. She is going to be one beautiful babe, just look at her mommy!

We got to stay on Diane's ranch, and cowboy "Charlie" cooked us dinner and breakfast! What a sweetie! Best timpanyaki ever. Who would of thunk that Diane would of ended up with the cowboy and horses? My guess would of been me or Jen.

Hanging out in downtown Prescott. Lots of fun shopping and aniques.

The girls let me do their makeup for practice, I want to start doing it alot! Fun times.

Yummiest restaurant!

I want to remember this. We asked a guy to take our picture, and he tells our prego friend Darby that she is sticking her tummy out! Lol. Are you even serious that he said that? Too funny.

Straight out of the sixties, you have to get your picture taken by the volkswagon bus right?

My Niece Graduated.

It seems like I was just on the way to the hospital to see you born Britt. I can't even believe it. We had so much fun going to your graduation. You are such a smart girl and I can't wait to see how far you go! Queencreek really does have quite a performance! Loved the professional stage, and all of the music to celebrate with afterwards on the grass. You go girl! We are so proud of you.

Three of us four girls got to go. These girls get to hang out all of the time! Aren't they lucky? If you get to hang out with your siblings, you should consider yourself lucky.

My cute mom. I never get to many pictures with this sweet lady!

My dad is for sure the cutest guy around! I do have some heels on, but he is quite the shorty!