Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dreamboards, Pizza, French Toast, Wii, Poppers....Yay for 2009

A Life Map, Dream board It's as if you're literally creating your life as a work of art." — Lifestyle Makeover expert Cheryl RichardsonMaking a Vision board is like setting goals with pictures. It is very powerful.First tear out images, words or phrases in magazines. Make sure that they speak to you and evoke feelings.Second arrange these on a poster board until it feels right.Then if there is something missing, words or pictures find them on the internet and print them off. Finally paste the images down. You can take a picture of your board and carry it with you or put it on your computer as a screen saver. The more you look at it the faster your goals will be attained. It's magic!Ask yourself who do I need to become in order to fulfill the intentions on my Life Map? If you need some inspiration go to

Meal #1...around 7:30...Homemade Pizza

Party Supplies!!...Watch those fingers..
we learned the hard way!!

Lindy won for best makeup

So here are the girls making their dreamboards
I am not sure if they really understood, but I was just
hoping that they would know they could put
whatever they wanted to on there. I know
pretty deep!

Party like it's 1999...Mom...How long
ago was that?

Meal #2...French toast, sausage, and Milk...
What did you toast?

So I am so excited, I actually wrote down goals this year...thanks to Carla's retreat go to

I have 28 goals written down for the year and four goals for January...
*a goal is something you really want
*It cannot contradict any of your other goals
*family,spiritual, social,financial,physical,mental
*Set a goal for what you want notwhat you leave behind
*write your goal out in complete detail
*Make sure your goal is high enough.
* write them down..or make a dreamboard..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas morning

Christmas morning came very early for us!! Lily woke up at like 7:30.Usually I am the first one awake!, not this year!! I really didn't get that many pics, but we had a wonderful day. Some serious playing went on, Some serious napping went on, and We went to See Bedtime stories!! I think that one is a must!! We loved it! The girls were so cute giving hugs for the things they bought eachother! That makes me the happiest. I love my new Bike that Santa brought me, and Mark and the girls gave me awesome Pots and pans, Mine were for sure hideous from when we first got married!....There is alot of exclamation points in this post! I think that's the only way to remember that we had a joyous time! He He....

Christmas Eve

Christmas tree game that I
stole from my cousin Becky!! Thank goodness
for your blog, they loved this game.
Um for sure Kent's group won this one!

Mark and Elo looking fabulous as always!! Mark not feeling so hot!
Cute Cousin Lineup!!
Heather, Klaira, Jill, Lily and Sarah

Travis, Nicole, and Sarah!

Samantha and David...Thanks
for Someburros...

Travis, Tiffany and Brian

Susan And Dana

Samantha, Colette, and Sharon

So this was the first Christmas that I ditched
my family on Christmas Eve!...I really feel bad
but I had to work that day
until 1 and I just wasn't up for some
chaotic traveling and wrapping..You
don't blame me right? So We had some of the family
over for Someburros and Susan's famous bean dip! It was so fun getting us all together! The kids had so much fun and it wasn't even stressful at all! Suprisingly enough...thanks Klaira for helping
me clean the house.

Monday, December 22, 2008

{A Few of my Favorite Things}

The stockings were hung, on

our fake mantel!!

New!! By my fron door!

My new favorite thing...Kirkland home...$4.99
Of course, santa head and the
picture Klaira and I drew!

Ho Ho Ho sign from Joann's...$6

My Friend Debbie made these for me

I absolutely love them!

Out my front door

My cute white shelf thingie.


Martha Stewart runner...$12

{To Gain Wisdom, write down what you learn...}

I seriously loved the retreat. I will have to tell you everything that I learned over many posts...Ya know I am going to start with my favorite thing first...Do you know the difference between Praise and Encouragement? This just really hit me in the head like a ton of bricks. So these two things are very similar, but they can either touch the heart, or keep someone wondering what you really feel about them. Praise is something generic, automatic, all about the person giving the complement. and Encouragement is a complement that is specific, personal, descriptive, thoughtful. So here is my attempt to explain...

1} I am so glad you did it like I told you to.

{This one is all about the person giving the complement, could be said to anyone, doesn't give the person any courage.} Praise

2} You are so imaginative and thoughtful of others.

{This one you can tell you are really focusing on the person you are giving the complement to. You are also making me want to do this again because you are being specific and giving me the courage to be thoughtful. I am not wondering what the person is thinking of me. with Praise you do. Encouragement.

This is actually pretty dang hard. I think of it especially with my kids. I want them to know how I feel about them instead of waiting for praise since I usually do it everyday. I want them to also start doing this with their friends. You should try it. It is amazing when someone gives you encouragement too! It really will just hit the heart and you will know then what I am talking about.

All I want for two front teeth.

So this is Lily now, with no front
teeth, What a cutie patootie...I think she will
have this smile for a while!! She is going
to wait she says until Christmas Eve and put both of them under her pillow. I think she is going for more money.I hope that I never forget the t's that she cannot say, or all of the spitting that she does when she talks. I love this girlo, gums and all!!

Lily fell so hard the other night at the salon. It pushed back her

two teeth...she looked like the cutest chipmunk ever.

So right before I left on my retreat she did

this...She missed a day of school, and got lots of

shakes from dad!! Well now she has lost

them both. I pulled the first

one and Lily pulled the second one herself.

I couldn't believe how sick Mark got

looking at her. I had to doctor her when

it first happened. Who would have ever guessed!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

{My Time to Blossom Retreat}

I am headed to the retreat, and I am so excited!! I hope to come back ready to blossom....This is a flower from my front porch, I think it explains everything that life brings us!

{Hatfield Family Retreat}

Hope you are having a jolly Christmas!

We hung out at Barnes and Noble, and
ate, and went to the movies, and ate.

The weather was a beautiful valley

winter we didn't get to

hang out in this cozy pool.

The girls were bummed!

The girls got to take a cooking

class while I kicked Mark's

bootie in Pool!

So on Sunday we got to go to the Maritott in Scottsdale

for a couple of days....I took the girls out of school, moved

all of my clients and off we went. The girls and Mark didn't know

where we would be going. I love Suprises!