Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Valentines day!

Since Lily still has been waking up at like 4 ish in the morning, she woke me up first, I think about 5 ish, she had on teeth whiteners and couldn't talk so she writes me a note....what should I do now? So we start cutting out hearts together, we glitter, glue, and tape hearts everywhere. Bathroom, kitchen, and truck. Lily makes the girls lunch and writes Klaira a sweet note. I love this girl. I think after all those years of having a crazy schedule, she likes to have her special time to do things at her pace instead of a crazy lady! Had a lovely day!

love the month of february!

My talks I think went well! Its amazing how much you get out of it if you are the one giving it. Love who you are. If rejection is your biggest fear, this makes things so hard. I am so thankful for my Mark. He really knows and understands how to help me get through rejection and still feel good about me.