Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

So besides the fact that I almost fired a client today, it was a favorite day of mine. Because I got to come home early from work, make dinner, catch up on some American Idol, and Lily made me the cutest "Jroeeng Book" ever!! {drawing book} My favorite mother sent me some encouragement in the mail, she cut it out of a magazine and sent it...she doesn't have a computer to copy and paste.

I would love to pass them along

1) You were special from the moment you were born.

2) Say yes to your wishes, hopes and dreams!

3) Everything's going to be fine.

4) Overthinking doesn't shrink problems, Relaxing does

5) Remember your successes. There are more than you think.

6)All good things can be yours!

7) Be your best self: the real you!

She also gave me this little bit of encouragement that who knows maybe you do need to hear today.

Hard Times don't Last.
You mabe be facing more challenges than usual, many of us are. But theyre only temporary. And remember you already have what you need to see you through because nothing is more powerful that your hopes and dreams and the strength you draw from your familyand friends So give your worries a rest and set your fears aside: you will triumph.

Last night I went to the United Families silent auction, and was reminded how important our families are to us. It was amazing to me to see the people of all different faiths who were a huge part in passing prop 1o2, 108...It didn't matter our commonality was families. I wanted to hurry home and do nothing but hang out with my family. I feel so blessed to have Mark as my husband and my girls that are the sweetest thing. I just wanted to remember that this day, this day imparticular, that I love my littly toothless Lily, Freckled Klaira, and Mark that will do any grose diet that I ask him to.

Friday, February 13, 2009

So remember when the girls and I made dream boards on New Year's Eve?? Well yesterday, I told Lily that I was going to sign her up for soccer, and she was so excited!! She says..."Mom soccer was on my dream board". I am so happy that she understood the reason for them I had no idea, but it was a priceless moment I never want to forget!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Klaira's Dance Competition

Klaira had a competition on Saturday, and it was so much fun to watch her. She is getting so good at dancing, and she really loves to perform. She wears full on makeup, isn't she so pretty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{Day 3 of the for reals cleanse..}

Seriously I have never been on a diet before, and I really think that they are overrated. Last night Mark said even a diet would be fun to go on compared to this. Let me just tell you how dang hard this is. I wake up, have some pills, lemon and olive oil, a shake,{that's not very sweet, my only sweet thing all day. Lunch, some broth and vegetables, afternoon, a shake if I am not too stuffed from lunch. And finally for dinner some organic chicken or fish, and vegetables!! For dessert we always cheat and have some gum!! I never appreciated it soo much. Oh and have more pills all throughout the day. They are enzymes and probiotic and magnesium. I am hoping to really have no middle when I am done with this. The kind that you don't have to suck in all of the time. And I for reals get way too many headaches. So my goal at the end of this next three weeks is to cut out 3/4 of my sugar and fried foods. Basicly the 90 to 10% rule. Just wondering if anyone ever has done a bodybalance cleanse before? My client told me that she got pregnant after being on one just one month later. So the meaning of this post is please don't bring me chocolate for Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

{Trying not to hate food...}

So this whole week I have cut out all...sugar, fried, caffeine, dairy, flour, wheat other meats except for chicken. I still got to have fruits though. So hard. Mark and I are doing a month long liver cleanse. I am so excited to see how I feel afterwards. Hopefully to soon be pregnant too;) So starting today I can only have berries in my protein shake, organic chicken, vegetables{only certain ones},beans, brown rice and then all of the above that I have already mentioned. I really wanted to journal about this because I am hoping to see huge results. If you never have, google signs of a overworked liver, and it might just shock you. So far, it has given us headaches and kind of flu like symptoms, but I must say that I do already have more energy....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

{Meet Virginia...and Walkingaton DC}

Congress building, Where the inauguration was at.

Smithsonian Buildings

World War II Monument....I think only a few years old.

It was only 30ish out this day...My wonderful escort would drop me off so that I could go and see the sights and then drive me back around and pick me up...we had quite the system.. there was so much to see I didn't get to see it all, but I got a quick taste. I for sure want to go back for more....!! Maybe in May with Mark.

Inside The Lincoln Memorial. For sure my favorite monument. Words can't describe the reverence in there. Ok maybe something almost like the temple. I looked up and loved all of the stained glass windows and the pillars just went on forever.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

This is the same shot that you see on tv, you really can't get that close, but since it was always oulined with trees, I imagined it to be kind of secluded. But it was right there by everything...I don't know it just was so amazing to me for some reason.

Inside the Smithsonian Building...I only got to go wee in one of these beautiful ancient buildings!!

This was such a gorgeous view.

I didn't get that great of a picture from the front because of the sun, but this too was really breathtaking.

I am so glad..this little man although kneeling, puts this monument into perspective. How grand and amazing!!

I loved the detail on the bow of this hairdo!

Masonic Temple across the Patomic River, which was mostly frozen ....

Now onto some of my pictures of things that I wish I could of brought home on the Plane with me.

I wanted these pillars so bad for my bedroom....Isn't that just dang cute!!

I really was dying at all of the gorgeous architectural detail everywhere. This little town was called Leesburg....I gotta go back!

This was just a fun night out with Juliette, Annie and her husband!! What a way random fun group! I love you Juliette and I love Virginia. Thanks for such a fun time!! You totally made the weekend a trip to always remember!