Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today we woke up feeling like it is saturday and went to church,had a lesson,left,got undressed,got new clothes on,left to Amy's house,ate,played on the tramp,and had a chin show.

I for sure did a lot of nothing. I was way overdue for that. Hatfields are so hilarious. Dana was so nice taking pictures of us. Who else would do that? Thanks for the yummy food and all of the family time...Colette, you rock for doing the Turkey Trot. I hope that I can do it next year with ya. Didn't I say that before though?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am ready to jump..
into the weekend, and eat lots of turkey, and attempt some homemade noodles, and pumpkin roll, and go to the movies, and laugh until I cry, and talk about the good times and kiss my family and hug my family, and have no schedule. I am so thankful for Thanksgiving. I think we should have it more than once a year. I think I need to be reminded more of all the beautiful people that I have in my life and all of the acts of service that people do for my family all year long. I think it will be a sweet weekend to remember. I can't wait to blog about it!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mom, These days Go To Fast....{by Lily}
I am so excited for Thanksgiving Break and I can't wait to have a slow day with my family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fashion Show...

These pics really don't do justice for how spectacular everyone looked in their 40's Hairdo's!!! It was a cool evening... we had the fashion show outside.. It was absolutely gorgeous lighting, and the music was Perfect!! Thanks Mark for all of the hard work you did on the show. Thanks everyone for all of your help!! Holy crap that list of people that helped me is so long!! I for sure have huge paybacks.

Midnight Twilight

I loved Twilight, Loved Hanging with the Girls... Love Popcorn and Licorice {I will post those pics later.} Thanks for such a fun crazy night!!

Twilight- The Movie
Heather Stone
siteinstone.blogspot.comis friends with the author of the book Twilight. Heather rented a 300 seat theater for the movie that came out today.
Carla and I made some cute York peppermint pattie handouts for the ladies in line and told them about my store and fashion show, and about Carla's coaching and retreats. It was so fun being able to speak with so many fabulous ladies in one night. Carla gave away a retreat in Heathers raffle and Mindi was the lucky winner. If you aren't able to go to the retreat Dec. 18 and 19th, email me so I can let you know when the next one is scheduled.
Here are my hopes for the retreat:
Women will go home feeling happier
Loving and appreciating themselves more.
Have some "me" time to fill up their buckets.
Do fun things they haven't done for awhile.
Learn things, grow, journal, set goals, great tips
Life changing craft projects
I loved Twilight by the way...
Be entertained
Connect with others
I am so excited for the retreat!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am thankful for all the help I've had with the Fashion Show

It's always lots of work doing a fashion show, I seriously love it. It's amazing how many People that it takes. This Saturday at 7:oo P.M. at Blossom. All of the ticket sales will go to Nie. It is going to be a serious shin dig. Huge sale after the show. 25% Off all New Clothing.
Over 40 outfits modeled.....the coolest hairdos and makeup... It's outside...

The Nielsen's are still needing us...

That is what I am thankful for today. Thanks for everyone's help thus far..I will still need you,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am thankful for my calling..

I really have the best calling ever!! I am on the activities committee. So today we had our Fall Festival, so much much fun... Big Break now til our Christmas Party.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I really was thankful yesterday, just didn't post...

I think this lady was trying to imagine what it was like in Mesa Az on the fourth of July!!

Don't you just love these hairdos.

I am thankful for clients...

Clients are really what makes my world go round...What would I do without you. You tell me your problems, I tell you mine. All in all I end up with the better end of the deal...I have many amazing friends. Thanks for every single time that you came to get your hair done by me. I really am thankful.By the way I still am doing specials on hair all through December...NOt to advertise on here, just want everyone to be able to get themselves beautified, I just can imagine all of the scary homemade hairdos going on right now.......

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am thankful for hubbie.

I can't wait for Eternity.
I really couldn't write down all that he means to me. You wouldn't believe it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am thankful for Lucky Minutes...Do you have any??

I know kind of silly. But It is actually A thing with my Girls. Whenever we look at the clock, it seems to be 11:11. That is just a time when we go look Mom, It's 11:11, and it's our lucky minute. So I thought since today was 11/11 Maybe it would be our lucky day too!
11_11 Made with My Cool Signs.Net

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am thankful for my girls

These girls make me so happy. They both have so much personality. Their laugh is contagious...which sometimes backfires when I am talking to them serious.. They are not serious about much. These two are so nice to eachother it really is so suprising. Sorry sistas, I didn't know that it was ok to be thaaat nice to your sister and have her as one of your best friends. Ok maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I really am envious of thes two and their friendship, especially when mine are just too far away.
So that you know, I really am trying to be hopeful, because I would love at least a few more of these sweet gifts sent from our Heavanly Father...and I know these girls do too!! So just like everyone has told me to be..."I am thankful for the girls that I have."

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Women's Retreat

This was written by a good friend but I will be on the list too...If You think you might know someone who would love to come, please email them my blog. Thanks so much.

As most of you know I have been training to become a life coach for the past 2 years. I have learned and grown a lot since then. My passion is to help women find their passion and live their purpose. The best way I have thought of to do this, is to put on retreats for women. I want women to be able to come to a retreat for a weekend and get their buckets filled. I want women to leave with new ideas, deeper friendships, more love for themselves, bigger dreams, be rejuvenated, and have the time of their lives.
To insure success I have put together a team of amazing women that are passionate about what they do and teach.
Michelle Baer
-Singer, Song Writer, and Inspirational Speaker
Dodie Blomberg
- Life coach, Positive Discipline Parent Trainer and Fitness Trainer
Jodi Hatfield
-Blossom Boutique and Salon Owner, Designated fun maker and creative genius
Allison Johnson
-Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and speaker.
Carla Jorgensen
-Success coach, President of Time to Blossom Coaching and Retreats, passionate about helping women discover their greatness.
Shari Lyon
-Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Trained in reflexology therapeutic massage, essential oils and much more. Her slogan is "live well, eat well, be well."

I was planning on doing my first retreat Jan 2009. But I was able to get some fabulous rooms at Marriott's Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge in Scottsdale for a great deal so I thought I would just go for it. I know it is a crazy time of year! The retreat dates are Dec. 18 10:00am to Dec. 20 9:00am. The cost is $190.00 each if you share a King or Queen bed or you can have a pull out couch by yourself.
This is a 3 night package. The retreat is 12/18-12/20 (scheduled activities), the third day 12/21 is included for those who choose to stay an extra day to relax at the resort or shop nearby. The 2 day retreat includes classes, food, fun, a life changing gift, and a more enriched life. The 3rd day is complimentary but includes no food or activities. If you want more info email me

I am thankful for...

saturdays Made with My Cool Signs.Net

I am thankful to sleep in today..

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am Thankful for Letters

Since I haven't lived by home in about 10 Years, It has really made me thankful for letters.

My mom is especially good at this. I can always bet that if I am having a bad day, that I can count on my mom to send me a beautiful letter in the mail. I think that there must be someone she pays to tell her when I am going to have a bad day because it never fails. I am amazed that she spends the time and effort to make it happen, she will even do it if I just saw her the day before. This helps me so much.

Of course emails are nice, text messaging, a phone call. But for some reason this one is on top of my list. I love receiving them and sometimes if I really need some encouragement, I can read an old one.

Christmas cards also. I would rather get Christmas cards everyday in the mail instead of gifts under the tree.

We were at a family reunion this past summer and there hadn't been a Hatfield Reunion In like 30 years. To make a long story short....our cousin Radene found this letter that had been written in 1835. This woman's name was Rhoda and Had written this letter that was a huge missing link to the Hatfield geneology. We weren't even sure if our last name really was supposed to be Hatfield or not. In this sweet, old, fragile, hand written letter, she wrote of her trials that she had gone through, the explanation of marriages and who the children belonged to. She wrote that she worked for this man named Joseph Smith and about her conversion to the church. We figured she was probably one of the first baptized in our family. That was testimony enough for me to see the importance of writing things down, and to someone, like a letter. We all thought that this letter had been written just for us.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Am ThankFul For Doors.

I AbSoLuTeLy Love Old DooRS. tHESE onEs ARe fRoM fRAnCE aND dATe bACk TO 1692.

i WiSH tHEy wERe mY fRoNT dOORS.

sO tHE rEASoNS tHAT i AM tHANKfUl FOR dOOrS,...tHERE aRE mANY. i wiLL tRy mY bEsT tO gIVE tHEm thE rECoGNiTIoN tHAt THeY dEsErVe. mY fiRST tHoUGHt whEN i LoOKeD at THiS pICtURE, hOW bEAuTiFuL. mY sECoND tHoUGHT iS hOW bAd i wANt TO go iN, iS tHErE ANy cHAnCE tHAt THe iNsIDE cOuLD be hALF aS BEAUtIFuL aS THE oUTSiDE? jUST so yOU kNOW tHaT iS ABSoLUTELy My fAVoRITE cOLOr. sO bESIDES tHE bEAUTy oF dOORS, mY nEXT REAsoN tO bE tHAnKfUl FoR dooRS...hMMM...i rEAlLY fEeL lIkE soME aDjECTiVES woULD bE eASiER tO uNDERStAND ThE pOiNT i AM tRYInG TO GeT aCRoSS. pRoTeCTiON, oPPoRtUNiTy, pOWeR, sEcuRiTy, aRcHiTeCtURal, sAfEhAVeN, bEauTy, hIStORy, cuRIoSiTy, chARaCtER, dOOR: a bARRIER FOR an eNTrY tHAT eiTHER oPEnS oR cLoSES.


i am so ThanKFuL foR thE doORs tHAT hAvE bEEn oPEnED iN mY lIFE, aND tHaT i hAVE lEaRnED tHaT WhEN oNE dOOr clOsES anOtHeR oNE oPeNs.

i lOVE wALkINg tHRouGH tHE doORS tO a fAmILiAR pLACE. mY hOmE... mY mOM'S, mY frIENDS, wORk, oREGANo'S.

i lOVe tO tRy nEw tHiNGs anD i lOVE iT wHEn thE iNsiDE oF a buIlDiNG oUTdoES tHE ouTsiDE, jUsT lIKE whEn an oPPoRtuNITY{aN oPEn dooR}, eNdS uP tAkINg yOU wAY fURtHER tHAn yOU eVER iMAGiNED.

i LOVE to lOCk mY dooRS aT nIGhT anD tIpTOE quIEtLY, TO sLEEp KNoWiNG THAT mY gIRlS aRE fASt aSlEEP.

i lOVE tHE pIcTuRE oF chRiST aT tHE dooR...."Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7).


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wHAt i Am tHAnKFuL fOR....dAy 1

I dEDCIdED tHAT i AM nOT gOInG tO wAiT tO bE tHAnKfUL. sO eVErYdAY A pOSt iT wIll bE.

yOU gUESSEd iT, nOT a lOCk BUt A lOCKsMITH. i eVEn HAvE a fAVORiTE. hIS nAME iS sHErED sHERwOOD, aNd hE oWnS ECOnO lOCk AND kEy. i rEALLy TRy AND uSE hIS sERVICeS at lEAST oNCE a mONTh. iF yOu hAVeN't foUnD tHAt spEciAL lOCKsmITh iN yOUr lIfE, pLEaSE alLoW mE tO giVE yOu A fEW pOINtERS.

1] nO hAbLo iNGlES iS rEAlLY a rED flAG. mY FiRSt lOCkSMiTh wOrKeD aT nO hAblO iNgLES, anD fOr soMe rEaSoN i hAd tO kEEp tElLiNG hIM...nOt tHe chEESE, tHE kEYS.

2} i ReAlLY lOOk fOr A ChEAp pRIcE. iN fACT mY nEW lOCKsMItH iS aBSoLUtELy fREE.

3) aNd fiNALLY, fInD a lOCkSmITH tHAT wILL uNlOCk yOUR bAThROOM dOOR tHAT yOU cAN'T, mAkE nEW kEyS jUST bECaUSE tHEy wERE DiRTY, pUT A nEW dOOR hANDLE AND lOCK oN aFtER yOU sAWED iT oFF bECaUSE yOU gAVE uP. i dO nOT hAVe tO sAW oFF mY dOOr hANDLES aNyMoRE, iT iS sO nICE. tHiS guY wIlL eVEn cOmE sAVe mE lIKE tWiCE a wEEK.

shEReD sHErWooD iF yOU aRE oUT tHERE, i JUsT wAnT tO tHANk YoU foR bEiNG mY pERsoNAL lOCKsMiTH. yOU aRE tHE bESt coUsiN eVER!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wow. Is really all that I can say. Well I can't believe that speech of McCain's. How impressive. I can't believe it made me so emotional. I have been so nervous to find out the results, and when I did it was way different than I thought. Yeah I thought that Obama would probably win, but I didn't expect to feel resolve from the results until I heard McCain speak. What a classy man. I hope that Obama really does call on him when he needs a republican. Yeah I don't know if that will ever happen. But McCain really made me think that maybe they could all just work together and he reminded me of how much I really do love this country and I really am thankful for all the freedoms that I have. What an awesome man, who has devoted his almost whole life to fighting for our country, and I don't see him just sitting back and watching. I think that he will still be there for us.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

{This is Halloween}

The girls were Garden Faries. Or Blossom Princesses, Or Prom Queens, Or whatever...they were soo beautiful.

Yay for school Halloween parties...