Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indiana side of the river...we couldn't believe how high the water was from the flooding. The kids looked for gold in a stack of rocks, found some fossils. Lily found some more rocks to collect of course. And then....we had ice cream at this cutest little place!

Fun days with the Cochrans!

These days have been pretty chilly for Spring Break!! Mark is hanging in Az doing some work, and last I heard loving it!!

Spring Break!

Some of the girls' projects. They both learned how to use the sewing machine. So proud of them! Lily is a tincey bit more patient than my Klaira:)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lily's perspective of the flowers!

I asked Lily to go and take some pictures of the pretty flowers...this is what she came back with.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I can see clearly now the rain is Gone!!

It's actually a good thing to go back and update my blog, so fun to look at pictures. It seems like I never print them off because of digital and all that jazz...here are some fun pics in April in Kentucky!.. Finally a warm enough, dry enough day to go outside and lay on the wet grass!! The trees were so beautiful this time of year. I can't believe how many phases they go through, and the different blossoms and berries. So cool.

Monday, March 21, 2011

First signs of Spring!!

Spring so very special to me now. I don't think it was before at all. I mean I would have fresh planted plants next to my Christmas decorations on my front porch that I just bought from Home Depot! But here it has been full of suprises! Like these daffodils, I have them by my front porch, and we were so excited when we first saw the green poke through the soggy wet ground! I was talking the other day to my mom on the phone, and I just go Oh my Gosh!! and she was like what what? and I told her about all of the daffodils on the side of the freeway out of nowhere. You can really appreciate life when all you have been seeing is brown all winter. I can see how you could be hopeless, and then all of a sudden just like the little herbs that I planted, you see a tiny little green bud coming out of the ground, and it is the most beautiful thing ever. WE GOT HERE during the summer last year, it was plenty green but we did not appreciate every single bud like we do now. I feel like this is how we were with the gospel, and members, and friends and family. We knew it was all beautiful, we were able just to enjoy them right from Home Depot, but we forgot about all the hard work and endurance that went into these special people in our lives! My has my perspective changed on so many things!! I am so thankful for this amazing huge lesson that my heavanly father has taught me, and I so appreciate all of the beauty he has put on the earth, to keep us hopeful, faithful, and grateful for each new leaf!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun with Friends!!

These are some Seriously awesome friends from Kentucky!! These girls can play for days and days! Dorothy is seriously amazing and is always doing ten million things for other people! Ilove that girl!

Happy St Patty's!

Made these shirts for the girls!!

Literacy Day at School!

I hung out at school with these cute chicks. Klaira was pippy Longstocking, and Lily was Rebecca, her American girl doll. Funny story. This cute boy in the pic just loved Klaira! He kept asking me how come we were so pretty! I was laughing so hard, and at lunch I asked Klaira if she knew that boy liked her, and she said yeah, he gets pretty annoying! She is hilarious that girl! Fun day at school we had! It's so fun to see the kids interact with all the other kids at school!

Playing Dress up!

Klaira did Lily's hair and makeup, isn't she gorgeous!! Klaira is becoming a pro at hair!

Flew out to see friends in DC, and to see this cute friend Adam! He is a different character everytime I see him! He always asks me if his breath smells good.

Soo....still dealing with this lovely foot of mine! I will never say I have cankles again!


Family pics from the baptism