Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thanks mom {Grandma Nina} for making her very own snuggie...Lily has been sick all day and I am leaving for Virginia in the morning. At least now I know she will be wrapped up safe and warm...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's Decor

Idea: Take old Christmas cards and cut them out on hearts and hang them up!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Friends..Darby and Jen.
This is new jewelry for sale at Blossom. It just makes me so happy! This designer is amazing!!

So I got to go to Tucson and set up Blossom. It was so much fun.!!I am doing it again on March 28th if you live close by!

After the trunk show I got to go stay at my friend Jen's house. She is an amazing decorator! I just wanted to share with you some cute pics from her house. This is house was only like 900 square feet, in the historic district, but she made it so homey. She brought the inside, outside. I am all pumped to get my house done now!! Thanks Jen, and Darby for a fun weekend.

Their laundryroom, which is the above room, is outside in a little room, look how adorable she made it. That is a little fridge, leathersofa, and Magazine to read while you are waiting for Laundry. Are you kidding me? Even I would love to do laundry in those conditions.

This was an old car port that they turned into lounge central!! I mean we really are outside alot in Az How cute is this place?

Front Door

Front gate, I love how this makes their driveway so cozy...Everything neat and perfect.

Look how cute they made this tool shed below.

so it is perfect weather to work on things outside so this really made me want to hang some curtains on my back patio and finish some projects. She took every square inch and made it cute and functional!! I absolutely had to share these pics with you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{Future Entrepenuer}

She even took this picture by herself!!
She is amazing don't ya think?
So I have to tell you a funny cat story, even if you are not a cat woman!! We got this flyer on our front door that said there would be an award for whoever found this guys cat right? So Klaira wakes up, sees the cat in our front yard, and like goes and calls Rob on the phone and tells this stranger that she found his cat. I am still asleep. Anywhoo, Rob shows ... up, anxiously waiting to reunite with his kitty, and Klaira proceeds to tell him, that she saw him over there this morning, {pointing to a corner in our front yard} and" Do I still get a reward?? "The cat is no where in sight. The man, and now his wife are like which way did he go? And Klaira was like I don't know. And by now I am up wondering what all the commotion is all about, and The lady is like telling her husband to go and get the picture and make sure that She saw Their Gracie. Klaira was like yep that's her. I just thought that was hilarious. They proceed to tell her that next time to only call them if you really have the cat!! I think that they should of given her a reward anyways don't you! That girl is always looking for ways to make money.

Another funny story, The other day I asked Klaira to borrow some money to I don't know pay the pizza guy or something and she is like....I don't get it. You don't have money, but you want me to give you money and how are you going to give me my money back, if you don't have money in the first place? For reals, I was like....Uhh..maybe you should work in Washington D.C. when you grow up. Serious smarty pants on my hands!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{Future Rockstar*}

These are the cutest pictures ever!! Lily loves listening to her dad play the guitar, and I must say that she does have a good ear. But that is not why I did this post. I did this post because I asked Lily since everyone says, she looks like Mark, even Mark says wow, Lily is so me. So I asked her the other day if she thought that we were the same at all and she says..."mom we both eat, and take showers". I cracked up! At 5 she can't even see that we are the same in really any way! He He

Sunday, January 11, 2009

{Supercross 2009}

These were even good seats, no wonder I had to wear my glasses the whole entire time!

So I love getting to go to Supercross for these reasons:

a} It's so loud you just get to veg and people watch

b} I get to snuggle, because it's freezing in there

c} I really only pay attention at the main event and I totally get away with it.

d} the yummy expensive food?

e} Call me crazy, but I really do love the smell..I know weird!

f} We pretty much spent our whole dating time at the track! Mark used to race, I used to watch.


This was the funnest birthday party ever I must say. I think that I am for sure going to have my next party here! I grew up rollerskating every saturday in Kansas. I cannot believe how much I love it! I think that I am going to start taking my girls every saturday, for those moms that want to join me that's an invite!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

{December 2008 Women's Retreat}

So this is Carla..the whole reason that the
retreat existed. She had a dream, wrote it down, wanted to do it by the end of 2008, and she did it!! All of us helping put this on really only knew eachother
about a month. It was pretty incredible. The retreat was at the Scottsdale Marriott and it was 3 days long. Her journey is amazing! She really has taught me alot about myself I can't thank her enough. I called her four years ago, wondering if I should open Blossom, and she told me to go for it!! This is the
kind of friend that everyone needs in their life! One of the main things that I learned at this retreat, was that I am most happy when I surround myself with happy people, books,!! I really
am going to see how ditching the negative people in
my life helps. I just wanted to share this amazing time that I had on my blog because I know that most women don't like to hunt, and therefore we will be having more retreats like this in the close future. We are even talking about doing one for teens. I know that I hear more than probably most of you because I do hair, and meet all kinds, of people but if someone you know would like something like finding their strengths, passions, being happy with what they have, keep us in mind!!
You will love this one it is called {Top Card}

taught by Dodie...what an eyeopener! Can't you see my huge eyeballs.He He

These two fine ladies are truly amazing..

Dodie {Lifecoach} on the left.

Michelle Baer...{professional singer} on the

right, you can find her music at Deseret Book, and she is getting ready to come out with a new cd Soon!

Creating dreamboards..and putting our strengths on Paper!! I really think that everyone needs to

know their top strengths!!

I should of put this one at the end,,we

all felt like a million bucks!

This was the healthiest food that I have ever eaten and

for sure and I loved it, that was the crazy thing. The

genius and cook's name is Shari Lyons. Soon I will be whipped into shape by Shari's Balance Cleanse. {I just found out from the makers of Wii, that I have no balance afterall, weird! I wear heels all day to work. Moving on....I will let you know how fabulous my balance cleanse goes!!

My adorable, getting coached by Carla Jorgensen..Go to

Michelle and Allison...If you love What Not to Wear,

you will love an hour with Allison. She is always teaching me new things, and really knows her stuff. She will throw out your old things you cannot let go!

Two of the retreatees! Mindy and Ada..This retreat

would be perfect for mother,daughter combos. I am sure neither one of these ladies could see all the beauty in each other that they really do have!

Valerie, Allison, And Lisa...they

have just got their hair styled by me, aren't they

just beautiful!

Fun Pic.

If you haven't seen Mama Mia, you should. This is

where we are learning a dance to Dancing Queen.,

and Good TImes by Alan Jackson.

Carla really outdid herself on the food the whole entire time!!Crepes and Soup and Salad... the list goes on and it was all so lovely.

This is cute Shari that I was telling you about. I can't even pronounce the kind of muffins that she was making, but they were amazing.