Monday, April 19, 2010

Good to go back home.

Dad, mom, R.H., Amy, Trina, Grandad, Tenna, J.T.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grandma Bryant

I have been having many sweet thoughts about my Grandma Bryant lately. I am heading to Snowflake this weekend for her funeral. My dad is my grandma for sure. She is such a quiet soft spoken warm person to be around. Would never want to offend anyone in any way. I remember traveling all the way from North Carolina to be with them for Christmas, probably about five or six years old, and I can still remember her sweet face and hugs being so excited to see you. She spoiled us for sure! Anything we wanted. That's what grandmas are made for right? We would always beg and beg to get to stay at Grandma's. I will always remember the smell of her house at breakfast, during summer, and all that she taught me. Geneology was such a big thing to her. And really I don't think that she was ever even well enough to get to see all the technology that has come about. As long as she could she would go to church with or without someone. She really had a strong testimony of families. It's neat to think of all those that she will be with. I remember last summer..previous post, but just for a small time that I was with her, I felt like she was her, and she just gave me that same beautiful smile, and hug, that would warm anyone's heart. I really hope that I can have that same effect on people, that leave you feeling so loved and adored, because it's the best feeling ever!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I've Learned The Road Goes Both Ways

Ha! Comedy Club after a day full of freezing!

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center!@!

Mark calling to find names of family on Ellis Island.

On top of the Empire State Building!

On the freezing ferry!

At the dumbest off Broadway show!

On the Patomic River

George Washington's Home..

Names at Ellis Island

Cool door. I like doors remember.

Apparently someone does look at my posts, and noticed that I had not blogged. Hmm. Guess I will since there is lots to tell! Mark and I took a lovely trip backeast....not just barely, but about a month ago now, we had so many laughs, and hugs, and talks, and u-turns!! Probably mostly u-turns! He He. But the reason this trip was so significant, was not because I went high on the Empire State Building, or that I found treasures on Ellis Island...names from someone related long ago, or that I got to walk the streets with my best friend Mark. It was because I came to realize I was waaaay stressed out! I know we all get there, or are there most of the time. No way could I let a trip like this end!! So we talked of doing crazy things like moving, and saying yall, and having kids grow up with accents. Beautiful drives through hills, and green grass. Slowing down a ton. And we came up with the conclusion that we were ready for something new, anything new. Not because of my family and friends, but because I really really want to slow down. I want more kiddos. I want to be able to help in my kids school, because right now I can't. I want to be home more when they get home from school. D all the above is what I want, and I figured, and we figured it's time for us to go!! Kentucky Louisville area is where we are going. I am so excited.

Here are some lovely pics from our trip!!