Sunday, September 16, 2012

cute towns, cute shops, cool sidewalks, architecture!!

Churchill Downs!

Here we are now a week away from derby day and we are getting to see the horses and the jockeys working the track.  Tons of rain...Tons.  I'm not sure my parents have seen it rain like this...for days in a row.  We went back by the stalls.  Watched the video of Swapps win the derby from 1955!  We really had an amazing time.  We ate at the famous restaurant, called Wagener's.  It is in the movie Secratariat. The tulips are gorgeous, I love having my family here!  I have missed them tonz!

We have visitors come from AZ!!!!! Mom, Dad, Amy, and Owen!

 My cute mom and dad!
 The girls made welcome signs!  They were so excited!
Pretending to kiss the jockey:)

Derby Parade 2011!!

I'm not quite sure we will ever experience another parade quite like this one!!  The bands rapped, the cheer leaders were all about their hiphop.  THey were amazing!!  Such a fun time with the Cochrans!  We had so much fun making our shirts too!  This town parties this time of year!  They have some amazing traditions!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thunder Over Louisville

I believe this was about the second weekend of April 2011 and no joke it was all we could do to get out and bare the weather!  We froze!!  We waited in our cars until it actually started because of the temperature!  This was the most amazing fireworks show we have ever seen!  They party a month before the derby in Kentucky!

Hi Chubby!

No more wisdom....TEETH:)

Kentucky Derby Ball

Fun times...such a gentlemen for a date:)
Aaron and Dorothy, our cute dates!!  We made our boys coursages and huge hairpieces for ourselves!!  Yummy dinner before!  It was so fun shopping for our dresses, trying on hats, what an amazing tradition in Kentucky!~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indiana side of the river...we couldn't believe how high the water was from the flooding. The kids looked for gold in a stack of rocks, found some fossils. Lily found some more rocks to collect of course. And then....we had ice cream at this cutest little place!

Fun days with the Cochrans!

These days have been pretty chilly for Spring Break!! Mark is hanging in Az doing some work, and last I heard loving it!!

Spring Break!

Some of the girls' projects. They both learned how to use the sewing machine. So proud of them! Lily is a tincey bit more patient than my Klaira:)