Sunday, July 26, 2009

The rest of the weekend in Snowflake.

We went to another rode-ro!

Swang in my mom's backyard.

Went to see Ice Age.,,also took a nap in there,. was super hot so,,,

We got cooled off!

We got to go and see great grandma and grandpa Bryant. We woke her up, and just at the very instant that I did, I knew that she knew who I was. It didn't take long though before she had no idea. It always brings back so many memories to be in that house. Everything is the exact same, smell, furniture, paint, the same pictures that I used to color for her are still hanging on the fridge. Even though my grandma doesn't know who my girls are, I am glad that they got to meet her, and hang out with grandpa, he is doing so much better and is amazing for taking care of his wife.

I often look for rainbows.

I don't think I have ever seen such a full, brighter rainbow. Absolutely gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sherwood Reunion.

Sydney, Lily Klaira, Sidney, Bailey

Me and Mom

Mark and the famous Cody Hancock

Lily and Sidney

I love seeing cousins and catching up. I am so thankful that our family has reunions, and that it's important to them to see each other. I really have an awesome family.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Second trip to Pinedale all year...way too long!

I got to go horse riding with my dad! It's been way too long. This is the first time my phone has worked up there, and I was so glad because I have always wanted to take a picture of my dad on one of our rides. These rides we talk about the good ol days. My dad remembers how the trees used to look, and where the "old roads"were. These are special times.

all of us were in the parade!

Junque sale after the parade! P.S. Don't wear a headband in the sun all day....huge lines I didn't even think of!

The fourth really wouldn't be the fourth without the rodeo! What perfect weather we had. I just always want everyone to experience the Taylor rodeo once in their life. It brings back so many memories to be there.

My cowboy...yes he is in he is not in Wranglers, Yes...I think he's a hot city boy.

My little cowgirls.