Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indiana side of the river...we couldn't believe how high the water was from the flooding. The kids looked for gold in a stack of rocks, found some fossils. Lily found some more rocks to collect of course. And then....we had ice cream at this cutest little place!


Laraine Eddington said...

I knew if I was patient you would update your blog! Love the pictures.

Connie said...

Hey Jodi! So I remember your niece(?) Nicole telling me about your blog and how you lived here & loved it. I was curious about what kind of fun stuff there is to do so I thought I'd see what you guys find to do here. Now that the weather is great I have all sorts of motivation to get out more :p You HAVE to tell me some of these places you've been to. I'm loving looking at your fun pictures of the cool towns & homes, that cute ice cream shop, etc. You can email me if you want (missconnie@rocketmail.com). I'd love to hear back! We're moving away already in a few months and I want to squeeze some stuff in before we go! Thanks!